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Welcome to my website. What you are about to see is the culmination of 6 years of self directed study in designing and building basses. In late summer of 2006, my dear wife Debbie, passed away after a long illness and with her passing went my desire to build instruments. It has been a struggle of monumental proportion simply to find the will to breathe, much less create the beautiful things that can spring from an unfettered mind. I make my living being creative and have all of my life. I still have things to say if only I could find my muse again. My faith in God tells me this is too will pass. I must simply be patient and let it come to me. Because of this, there hasn't been an update in quite awhile and there isn't one planned for the near future.

I have always maintained and, at times, modified the instruments I've owned over the last 30 or so years but it wasn't until recently that I discovered the joys of building. After having some early success and a lot of fun, it has become a serious enough hobby to conclude that my work is marketable but it will be another 20 or so years before I could make a living at it. Until then, I continue to forge ahead in an attempt to create working man instruments with some imagination and flair.

If you'll take a moment, please sign my guestbook below so I'll know who I'm talking too. I've got friends all over the world and knowing you're there helps make this worthwhile.