Okay, I've worked on this for a weekend as my sister and I introduced her roomies to GR (And they all came out saying, "Shane's cool!")

I read about someone who was putting together a GR Drinking game, and wanted it for his fanzine. After watching about 15 episodes in one day (including the Trooper eps, "Phoenix," and "New Frontier"), I jotted down a few ideas for a drinking game.

NOTE: "1 shot" means one mouthful of beverage, or one shot. I don't suggest doing this with booze. In the spirit of it originally being a kid's show (and the fact that I don't like the idea of people getting drunk - a couple classmates were killed in alcohol/drug-related accidents), I reccommend some soda pop. If you guys do decide to use booze, make sure to have a "cab fare kitty," crash space, or a designated driver.

With that in mind, let's the games begin! - Jessica

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