About Allyson


Allyson Rickard belongs to the tradition of artist/healers whose work explores the interface between art and spirituality; artists who ground themselves in the great wisdom traditions of the east and west, and who believe that by creating and teaching we can help people to access the inner power of art and creativity for personal and planetary healing.

For Allyson, creating is both an intuitive and conscious process. She is inspired by dreams, universal symbols, myths, folk tales, primal energy, and sacred place. Art is her way of expressing outwardly what she is internally processing from the psychic, spiritual, and emotional worlds. Inspiration and meaning are more important to her than a particular technique or medium. She bridges time and space by making art that connects an historical or indigenous perspective with contemporary spiritual longing. We live in a multi-dimensional universe and yearn for wholeness. If we listen, our heart knows, we are all one.

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