Prof Lin w ARR
H. H. Grand Master Lin Yun with Allyson

Philosophical Statement

I consider
Feng Shui to be an ancient, sacred healing art form. It is a form full of spiritual essence and practical application. My canvas is the environment; my medium is the flow of Chi energy. I can help you create a place of balance and harmony in your life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (Fung Schway) literally means “wind and water,” the two essential elements, air and water, that support life. It is an ancient Chinese concept which examines the relationship between humans and their living-working environments. It is based on two opposite, yet complementary forces of Yin and Yang, receptivity and activity. This Yin/Yang dichotomy is depicted in the Chinese
I Ching, Book of Changes, which is also the basis for the five elements’ productive/destructive cycle and the eight Trigrams (bagua). Using these cycles and Trigrams, a plot of land, a house, a room, or even a desk can be harmoniously arranged to harness and enhance Chi.

What is Chi?

From a Western perspective, it is electro-magnetic energy in its constantly changing form and flow stages. From an Eastern perspective, it is the primal life force of the universe, abundant, all around us in our living environment. It is the vital life force that resides in each person. It is the interplay of energy between humans and their environment.

How can Feng Shui improve your life?

When the Chi of your environment is out of balance, your well-being, health, prosperity, relationships, and career can be profoundly affected. Feng Shui can make the difference between a life filled with struggle, effort, and stress, or one of abundance, prosperity, harmony, and recognition. A skilled Feng Shui Practitioner can help you transform your life, making it easier and happier, by aligning you and your surroundings with the natural flow of Chi energy. It’s your choice!

When could you benefit from a Feng Shui Consultation?

  • When you would like to increase your wealth, improve your relationships, enhance your health, boost your career, or see other improvements in your life.
  • You encounter difficult challenges in your life since moving into your current home or office.
  • You are remodeling or building an addition to your home.
  • You want to buy or rent a house, apartment, or business location.
  • You are designing and building a new home or office.
  • You intend to sell a property.
  • You would like to bless the building in which you live or work.

Services Available (approximate time)

  • Initial Home/Office consultation (2 hours)
  • Review of house and lot plans or design and building plans (2 hours)
  • Review of existing home/office layout by mail/telephone (2 hours)
  • Consultation for life change issues after initial consultation (1 hour)
  • Blessings and Ceremonies (1 hour)
  • Personal Chi adjustment (1 hour)
  • Classes on a range of Feng Shuii topics from beginning to advanced, practical to spiritual.

Prof Lin Blessing
Allyson receiving a blessing from H. H. Grand Master Lin Yun

Education and Experience Counts

Allyson Rickard is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner. She is a disciple and student of Professor Thomas Lin Yun, His Holiness Grand Master of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism & world renowned Feng Shui authority. She is a 2001 graduate of
BTB Feng Shui School, a geomancy and Feng Shui education organization, founded at the specific request of Professor Lin to train American Feng Shui practitioners. The Black Sect Tantric Buddhist school enhances the merits of the traditional Chinese Form School of Feng Shui by using the client’s intentions (goals), practical I Ching, transcendental solutions, and ancient Chinese blessing methods. The school emphasizes the flow of Chi and encourages the Practitioner to maintain strong inner Chi through meditation and Chi Kung. This assists the Practitioner in fine tuning her intuition and ability to “read” energy. The Practitioner needs to be able to balance and enhance her own personal Chi, the inner & outer Chi of the client, and the Chi of the land.

Allyson has a BS in Human Development and Home Economics (U. of Hawaii), and a Masters Degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She is also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.

She has over 40 years’ experience meeting clients’ needs in a variety of fields complimentary to Feng Shui:

  • Wellness Counselor - using her knowledge of Reiki, accupressure, reflexology, applied kinesiology, and energy dynamics.
  • Medical Social Worker - helping people clarify values and intentions.
  • Home Economist - assisting consumers with nutritional information for a major international food company.
  • Personal Financial Planner - advising clients on how to increase their wealth and invest in their future.
  • Ritualist - leading spiritual ceremonies and blessings.
  • Artist - using intuition and design skills to create powerful, personal, wearable art, shown internationally.
  • Educator - teaching classes and workshops on Feng Shui, women’s health & empowerment, and arts & crafts.

  • BTB Teachers

BTB Feng Shui Teachers
Front: H. H. Grand Master Lin Yun. Rear: Edgar Sung, PhD; Barry Gordon;
Steven Post; Her Holiness Khado Crystal Chu, Rinpoche