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Zampano’s Playhouse is a film series devoted to obscure, outdated, and orphaned films projected in vintage 8mm and 16mm formats, drawn from my personal collection of cartoons, educational films, home movies, TV shows, industrial films, and other odd footage. These sorts of “ephemeral films” often provide startling and entertaining examples of 20th Century attitudes, frequently provoking the question“What were they thinking?" For each event I draw together a group of films on a common theme, time period or location, sometimes adding music to the images for humorous or dramatic effect. I see my programs as a revival of the small movie house or traveling filmshow traditions — sustaining the thrill and charm of viewing projected images in makeshift settings.

First Season (2002-03)

Second Season (2003-04)

Ongoing Programs (2006-present)


The Arthur J. Higgins Itinerant Film Collection

Having completed film preservation studies at George Eastman House in the Selznick School program, as well as my first professional stint caring for the film collection of The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown N.Y., I'm currently back in Inman Square and looking forward to screening some of the obscure gems I've picked up over the past two years.

All inquiries: Albert Steg