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Welcome to the Chironomidae (Diptera) of Georgia (USA), a checklist of chironomid midges based on published literature records and specimens examined by the author, B. A. Caldwell.  A number of manuscript names from various sources, such as Labrundinina sp. 10 Roback, Tanytarsus sp. F Epler, etc. have been utilized for species not formally described (mostly larvae).  Please feel free to offer comments, suggestions, corrections or additions to the checklist.  My contact information is bacaldwell(at)mindspring(dot)com.  Many of the records below are based on adult males, but other life stages are also included.  This listing replaces those found for Georgia in Hudson et al. (1990) and Caldwell et al. (1997).  This site was totally reconstructed and updated July 3, 2013 and continues to be updated periodically (most recent October 7, 2015).  Most genus placements in the revised "Holarctic Larval Keys," (2013) as well as Silva & Ekrem (2015) are now incorporated into the current list.

The date of establishment of this checklist was October 28, 2004.

The subfamilies of Chironomidae found in Georgia (active links to respective pages):


Welcome to my Georgia checklist of chironomid midges. 

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