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  Zavrelia Kieffer, Thienemann & Bause (in Bause)
      aristata Ekrem & Stur
  Zavreliella Kieffer
      marmorata Wulp
  Chironomini genus III Epler
  Harnischia complex genus A Epler
  Harnischia complex genus B Epler
  Harnischia complex genus C Epler

*** The single pupal exuviae available (1991) - seems to best fit Neozavrelia.  The thoracic horns are similarly shaped but apparently without minute apical teeth/spinules and the darkened anal lobes exhibit the characteristic minute dorsal teeth - but have only three filamentous setae confined to the posterior margin.  An apparently similar pupa has been noted (not examined by me - Neozavrelia NA 2) in an as yet unpulblished work on Nearctic chironomid pupal exuviae (P. H. Langton, pers. comm.).  (Note added January 18, 2004)  

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