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The creation of this Web page is strictly for offering my family genealogy files in the Acrobat (PDF) format. The four family files in Legacy's Narrative formats are: GASTON, SINGLETARY, HENSON, and TATE (click a name to open a "PDF" file in a separate window).
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The reason for four different files is that my mother was raised as a foster child by the Singletary family; she married a Gaston; and supposedly her real parents were a Henson and a Tate that were never married.
"THE GASTON LEGEND'S" PDF file is my scenario to simply introduce family members to the family file structure and the Gaston history or legends.
I also provided a separate "DESCENDANT'S CHART", for John "Jean" Gaston of Scotland. This hodgepodge of a tree (300+ pages and approximately 12K names) I find near impossible to keep updated -- I really do try but please do not expect it to be entirely accurate or complete. You may access any hyperlinked sources it contains by copying that line to your browser's "Address bar", and then pressing Enter. Note: You should perhaps open another browser window first by pressing "Ctrl-N".
Thank you for viewing, and should you care to contact me (cursor over my name) concerning information, provide information or corrections, you are most welcome.
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