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What is a Raid?
A Raid is a sail and oar adventure race among traditional styled small water craft.  Usually these craft form small groups which do not stay put in one place for long periods of time, but instead "hit and run."   The phrase was coined by Charles-Henri Le Moing.   In the late 1990 the first  Raid was held on the River Douro in Portugal.  Since then "Raiding" has become very popular and has moved away from its founding roots taking on its own definition or life reflecting each groups own  interpretation.  A Raid is now just that, any classic inspired boat event using oar and sail that lasting more than two or three days often including one or more races.    A "race" or regatta usually consist of 8 -30 traditionally styled sail and oar powered boats competing once or twice a day over the Raids duration.  Lunch and dinner are times to socialize and have fun.  Evenings are know to be especially colorful with plenty of spirited fun and music.
Recent examples of Raids include:  Raid Finland, Sail Caledonia, Shipyard Raid, Small Reach Regatta, Everglades Challenge, just to name a few.

Balanced Lug Sail.  It is set loose for a following wind.  A balanced lug yawl is one of our favorites.


 A group of us teamed up and created Raid Boats International.  We chose, or maybe allowed ourselves to be "drawn to obsess on" the concept of Raids and the boats that suite this "sport" or "life style" best. We design and modify boats not only to look the part in a Raid (past or present), but also give a competitive edge to stay out in front.  Like it or not when you are sailing it is the rare individual that is not racing even if it is in his or hers own imagination. While the idea of "raid-ifying" a boat has its roots in racing by oar and sail, its byproduct is a boat that is great for rowing in rough waters for exercise, sailing on family island hops or beach cruises, camp cruising, etc. 

The North Water 19 showing gear positioning and double sliding set rigs.  Power and room for equipment.


Most of us dream of attending each and every Raid like event, but in reality we also know we might get to one a year.  The rest of the time we sail, row and dream in our local waters and camp with family and friends.  These boats suit this purpose just as well as they do rowing in 20knots on Loch Ness or completing the Maine Island Trail during your ever shortening vacation.
Our boats satisfy the solo adventurer, family coastal cruiser, exercise addict extending the rowing season, general sail, rowing pleasure seeker, and much more.  These are great boats, that just may be the best Raid boats yet. 

The North Water 19 in its endemic waters, ...Off Deer Isle Maine.



Our boats favor traditional lines from all over the world.  They are made of strong and lightweight woods.  A Raid boat is one that can be rowed into the wind in any coastal and near shore weather, while still being fast and predictable to sail.  Some of our designs favor sailing over rowing slightly and others favor the opposite.  Which ones work best for you depends on your waters and personal strengths and interests.


Expeditions present another set of issues.  Our long experience expedition life allows for a unique and pragmatic design and development process.  Currently this process is focused on our Expedition 16.

Raid Boat International.  112 Hemlock Valley Rd.  East Haddam CT 06423 USA