The Baby

by Steven Bolia

I do this quite often -- I love watching television
And my favorite program is a soap opera
On which a woman has just given birth
And is waiting in the maternity ward
And a doctor enters to inform her
About the status of her baby
My father enters my room
And there is a baby in a rocking carriage
At the top of the stairwell
My brother enters my room
And father says to him:
"Please watch the baby while I wash my hands."
My brother agrees but leaves soon thereafter
The doctor tells the woman
That her baby died during birth
The unattended carriage begins
To tumble down the stairwell
I begin to cry -- I lose control
And become hysterical
My father returns with my sister --
The carriage is upside down at
The bottom of the steps
My sister does not know what has happened
And goes to pick up the baby
It is limp as though it is dead
But my sister sings to it
And pretends it is only asleep.