Caribbean Cure

by Yvette Viets Flaten

I've put myself away from myself for awhile.
I've set aside the writing, the reflecting,
the self seeking the self for the sake of creating.

I'm giving my mind a Caribbean vacation. Floating
on a blue tide of dreams, I'm sun tanning my imagination.
I drift effortlessly, warm water washing my senses.

It's all indulgence here. Exotic drinks.
A new handbag. Duty-free perfume from the airport
kiosk. It's bellboys and taxis and a private
cabana on the white sand.

But the tropical convergent zone is starting
to heat up. Pressure is dropping; the sky is changing.
Far, far off, I can see the indigo of a storm.

And now I feel the wind picking up, ruffling
the paper on my desk...