Tears Fall Silently

(From "Silence in the Rain" 1995)

by Kamal D. Pope

My vision of the future was always so bright,
But I did not know that I had no vision.
I saw not the rocks on the road nor the thorns on the path.
I have learned through my life the hard way.
But now I do see, as I walk this desert,
A deep and wide river ahead of me.
But a friend who cannot swim is by my side,
Shall I stay, or leave her behind?
I look across and I faintly see,
That there is no one waiting for me.
But I am drawn to cross this expanse,
For I see my goals and all my dreams.
I then turn and look to eyes that are filled with love,
And so curious as they look deep into my own.
And then I turn, and as we walk, I hold her hand,
Not knowing faintly whether to let her go.

For across that river are all my dreams,
All the person that I've ever wanted to be.
I see faintly so many things I've wanted to see,
And fantastic places that I've dreamed to go.
At the water's edge she stands still,
Hoping so much that I will turn.
For I have left her there all alone,
And I have entered now the great unknown.
And with herself exposed to all,
Her eyes will show their tears.
And I will hear when she lets it fall,
Even though, a tear falls silently.
For in that tear I can hear the sadness,
Across the miles that lie between us.
For in that tear is all our love,
And I know she will hear mine also.