Truth Unveiled

by Rebekah Stone

The clouds lift
revealing the inevitable.
I realize all that was hidden
and all I tried to forget.
The truth hurts
but lies kill,
and that's all my life is
a lie.
Like a knife
buried deep in my soul
that to leave in would mean
pain for eternity,
but to remove
would mean certain death.
I realized all you're doing
is plunging the knife
deeper into my soul.
Not trying to save me,
as I was deceived to believe,
but trying to kill
and control me.
To mold and shape me,
into your eternal slave.
You dare not let me taste
the sweetness of freedom
so that I think of this damnation
as a freedom of your own devising.
I know no better,
so I follow your contorted plan.
But now my eyes have been opened
and I see you for the evil you are.
And all I can say is
no longer shall you rule me,
for if you even try to throw me
into the fiery pit yourself
with my newly found knowledge
you must surely know that
I will drag you kicking and screaming
with me into the fiery abyss
with a smile of triumph on my face
and together we shall meet our demise.