Lebanon Rising

by Sheryl Hanna

Like the Phoenix
She will rise and soar to the heights of heaven.
From the ashes of her destruction!

She shall be resurrected:
I can hear her heart begin to beat,
The people of various religions and cultures,
Shall be bound together by the band of unity
Their love, hope and desire
Will breathe the breath of life into the Princess Lebanon!

The tears of war shall be wiped from her eyes,
The dove with the laurel wreath of peace,
Shall reign over all of her inhabitants,
The fear of fighting from years before
Has been banished forever more!

Her natural beauty.
Her golden crown,
Shall be restored to her!

From the top of her head,
To the tips of her feet,
The tranquility of the sea
Shall be felt by all,
Who dwell within her land!