Michael R. Baldwin

Over pale ale and hardwood floors
We talked of guilty ambitions and hidden smiles
Those moments of candlelight reflections found in her eyes
Were sincere and comfortable, even in the mist of butterflies
The way her hair fell down about her face
Just enough to hide what should be
Just enough to show what could be...
...was intoxicating.

Under an overcast sky and stretching tree limbs
We shared generalities and specifics of our heart essays
As reflections of the lights across the water smiled in
her eyes
She searched for answers...
In the whispers of the wind
Through the consequences of the sinned
In the brightness of the light
Through the darkness of the night.

Even as I held her there, on a wet, wooden park bench
While she played with the knee hole strings of my ragged jeans
She was in someone else's sky...