Hold the Ketchup

by Michael A. Rabkin

As the 450 Marilyn Monroe impersonators left the Convention Center in Omaha by bus, he slowly strolled into the local McD's and ordered three breakfast burritos and 2 strawberry milkshakes. The owner there was a 22 year-old high school dropout that looked like she had been through a war. Her name-tag read Jeannie and her company-issued shirt was wrinkled and stained with special sauce and fry grease. Her hair was short and brown with some home-applied blonde highlights and looked extremely unkempt, from under her maroon plastic and polyester McVisor. Her eyes could barely stay openó like she never could find the time to sleep between working full shifts here, part time as a taxi driver to the rich and famous, watching over her two children and waiting up all night for a husband that never came home sober.

Jeannie looked as though she had lived an entire life already, and could be so much happier if it was over. But she strove on, making apple pies and ordering more large Batcups and dealing with older, less-experienced workers that wanted raises. She looked like she needed an entirely new life, and he was the one man that could give this to her.

As he stood there at the counter, he saw a look of shock come over her face, like she knew what he was going to say. She had never seen anyone like him before, and she had never had these thoughts before. She wanted to talk to him but he stopped her.

"There's no need for words," he said in a cool, calm, sophisticated voice. "I know exactly what you want and what you need. I can take you away from this and I will. Now let's go, Jean."

Without even saying anything, she took off her hat and jumped over the counter. She put her arm around him and they walked out the door together. He escorted her to his clean, freshly-washed-&-waxed pickup, and she didn't say a word. She hardly even moved as he drove out of the parking lot, onto the freeway, out of the city, out of the state. Finally, this goddess-to-be spoke.

"I need a shower," she said, sounding like a little child asking for another slice of gramma's homemade cherry pie. "If you don't mind, we could pull over, maybe go to a hotel and I could get some fresh clothes and get clean. I feel really grimy all over."

"That won't be necessary," he said. "We are almost to the point where we will be stopping. There, you can become un-grimy and find some respectable clothes. If you can wait a few more minutes." "No problem. If you can handle it, so can I."

As they pulled up the drive, he saw her hand shake ever so slightly. Jeannie seemed intimidated by the size of the home. He told her it belonged to a friend of his, and she seemed to relax a little.

They went inside and he showed her upstairs. She went straight into the bathroom and into the shower. He laid out some clothes for her to wear, and went downstairs to get a beer. A few minutes later, he thought he heard her call him, so he went upstairs. The water was still running, but she seemed to be needing something. He couldn't hear what she wanted, so he opened the door to the bathroom.

What he saw was amazing. There she was, dripping with water, completely naked, just waiting for him. Her hair came down to her shoulders and framed her clean, exquisite face. Her full breasts seemed to be calling him, inviting him to come closer. Her long legs seemed to go on forever, but they didn't. Where they finally stopped was the most beautiful sight he had seen ever.

Jeannie was a rare elegant creature that seemed to want him even more than he wanted her. She looked so sumptuous, so immaculate, he was afraid for a moment, but she wouldn't stand for any hesitation. She walked towards him and ripped off his business suit. He didn't really mind, it wasn't one of his best. She dragged him into the shower with her and starting kissing him all over. She wanted him to use her for his pleasures, so he did. He rubbed her breasts, licking and kissing them all over. He squeezed her rear with such a passion that she jumped into his arms.

As he held her, the water beating down on them, he could hear her muttering things to him. "Fuck me. Hurt me. Have your way with me. Use me. I'm yours." This just got him hotter, and he knew it got her hot as well. As he thrust his cock in and out of her wonderful pussy, he kept kissing and holding and squeezing and rubbing her all over. Right before he came, she stiffened up like a board, flexing all her muscles at once. The pain he was feeling on his penis was unbearable. He couldn't move, she literally had him by the balls and she wouldn't loosen up. As he was screaming in agony and turning purple in the face and the groin, she began talking to him.

"How does that feel you stupid stone prick?" she said. "How dare you think you could have your way with me! Do I look like some stupid hick from some farm that just wants to be abused you motherfucking asshole? I don't know exactly how I should make you learn your lesson. I was actually thinking about staying with you and fucking your brains out every single day for the rest of our lives. I was. But now, I just think I'll make you suffer you stupid, horny, shit-eating, cock-sucking male pig!"

And with that, she flexed her pelvic muscles and ripped his dick off. She picked it up and put it in her bag, got dressed back in her uniform, picked up the keys to his truck and drove back to work.