By Temurah Malachim

True Spirituality possesses the wisdom to carry forth the knowledge of how to pass through our own individual gate of tears. Only by exposing the inner sanctum to the greater picture, can we rest in the assumption that indeed, we have stumbled across the threshold leading into the port of entry known as the Garden of Eden.

Only by finding one's root in innocence can one truly attribute themselves as complete individuals. By enclosing about the aura of self discipline, one can begin to express the vision of analytical communion between higher consciousness and the virtue of awareness; the expression of the quotient comes full circle in the experience of Moral Ethical Codes. Conduct is stamped within the confines of the subconscious and the virtue of awareness, this is that which is consistent with morality. The difference between right and wrong. This is the footstool for our meager existence. Who we are individually is as a result of the equilibrium in harmonious balance as far as the expression of right and wrong are concerned. All acknowledgment resides in the individuality with the crown of wisdom. Only then does one find who they are and what they are in retrospect to how we accomplish tasks at hand.

So as the Revelation unfolds before us, we need to reach through the gate of tears by allowing ourselves to stand upon the footstool which is being upheld by the angel of darkness himself. Reminding us of our failings, and in his chaotic wake, he seems caught up in the ecstasy of headiness, oblivious to the fact that he has lifted you up to the angel of light and so that the crown of wisdom may be placed on your head. In darkness their is much folly and foolish behavior and so it is easy to slip though the enemy's courts.

What is done in word and deed is the answer to one's basic physical and emotional needs. Oppression brings about the substance of ruin, the end result showing success built up through the ashes. From these ashes the rising like a shaft of light, great wealth among the ruined and the damned. The rising phoenix from amongst the ash heap, pulling desires flames from a state of inner reality to outer foolishness of mankind's present reality. A phoenix to the stars.

Virtue is the expression of carnal stability for only by carnal knowledge can we rest in the security of a strong personal foundation for the scales of equilibrium to give a true and exact measure. If there is a weak foundation for individual truth to stand on, then we in turn come full circle to the knowledge of a shipwrecked entity suffocating in the wake of the folly of youth.

According to today's culture, virtue states the implication that means holy or clean possibly virginal in approach. However the root of today's version comes from the Greek, and according to the Greeks, virtue was all of the above and more. Simply defined by today's standards, virtue is a complex, high intensity sum of the word "power".

If we do not possess the disciplines to extract meaning from society's inherent standards, how can one suggest an outcome of great spiritual possession? No on can become an entity of knowledge in greater self awareness if at first they do not show a multitude of physical Practical accomplishments.

The individual who attempts to be a spiritual genius and neglects to accomplish living under the jurisdiction of civilization's rules, that are not above the laws of higher power, is reduced to a sub species, sprinting about in a state of insanity and in their own frenetic wake. They will have found that they bent their own truth into a lie and a mockery of their own code of moral ethical conduct. To live and die indeed. We are al creatures of habit. Once we have done an immoral act against those in our community, then it is that much easier to pull the trigger on our accomplishments. if we are unwilling to work, it is a reflection on our spiritual walk, deed reflects words to others. We cannot proclaim to do great things if we are unwilling to attend to our basic physical needs.

We must be victorious in our won walk. No one believes in the preacher who sings about working the garden, but was never willing to work the soil beneath this fingernails or stain his uncalloused hands.

Before you can attain the supreme evolutional state of self subconscious awareness. We must be willing to start in the physical realm with natural harmony of environment reminiscent of hard labor, in order to pay the bills and fill the stomach. There are no spiritual handouts and nothing comes easy. Before you can reach the top rung of the ladder, you must reach for the bottom rung of life's problems. This is the result of spiritual living expressing itself as physical as a physical manifestation at hand.

Knowledge must first be accepted under the cautious eye of the moral standards of justice. Contained therein is compassion for others. We must process and screen information in depth.

Binding all of these factors together into knowledge does create the funnel effect for creation of inner awareness.

So many of us scurry through life's existence like rats in a labyrinth, fluttering about endlessly in a state of eccentric frenzy, trying to cope with reality present. When we hit a dead end, we must backtrack to the point of reason, only then can the expression of knowledge become truth.

To those who read this information I hope that you can see within yourself the potential that you have to become a most powerful positive influence in the Universe. Everyone has great power in that place beyond the veil of space and time continuum. We can only know this place with our heart's cry. This is the basis of true spirituality. What we hold in our heart is a direct imprint into our soul, what we as individuals believe to be personal beliefs.

The individual who never takes a long look at himself never will come to the realization that they indeed are a part of life. To live and die we must show to ourselves that we respect. To respect, indeed. This is a very important topic. First and foremost we must respect ourselves. If we do not respect ourselves then we are nothing. Never contributing to society or our fellow man, we lose total belief that we can accomplish the tasks at hand.

The other side of this effect shows many positive people who recognize the need to help others. Always remember the Golden Rule. If you have done nothing to help yourself, how can you expect to accomplish reaching out to others Respect for self is needed. The positive individual knows how to tackle life's problems. That person will not stare at the big problems, but knows that by chipping away at small little problems, one by one, they chip away at the big picture, until we have an environment that reflects what it is we believe in.

We can accomplish anything within the boundaries of proper season. nothing can be changed until the Law of Karma gives room to proper reasoning. Ask for yourself the questions: Is power sought to enhance existence with things wanted or needed? Is wisdom sought for inner peace within self? How can there be positive effect living harmoniously with civilization and environment? What of communion with all living creatures? This written word is not the whole spectrum of truth. No one person can claim such a thing. Truth is truth to the individual who believes certain information processed is their own belief. This being the basic foundation of spirituality.

Man was not meant to be so absorbed in this physical realm. During the dysfunctional time period, man became disorientated to the factions he was exposed to, a false escape through death. Mankind adopted technology and created it's own deity of material influence (we lost the desire since the earliest of days). man lost what purpose was for and in so doing, a split took precedence in the union that took place so many centuries ago. For the time had taken place when all races changed into existence rather than coexistence with all creatures of both realms.

How did this separation take place? Is mankind eternally condemned to become a pawn of her ancestor's foolishness? No, man is far to powerful to succumb to such an existence. It is up to an individual to respect themselves enough to become one with all aspects of their persona. For every action in the flesh there is a reaction in the spirit realm. If a child growing up receives complete annihilation from peers, then that child may become complexly wrapped up in spirit with an intense denial of the needs of the flesh. In most cases the raping of one's soul disenchants communication with spirit. They believe that chaos is the prime ruler of reality, when in effect reality for them does not exist. For them the spirit realm can be explained as some intense thought up power of the mind. Once a child has been destroyed, it does not mean they are hopelessly locked into a prison. The key is the spirit of healing, some are able to find this path. To create a harmonious balance, others must find an individual who has been blessed with the gift of healing. If someone has been attacked in their interpersonal space, they have been violated by an act of war. This is a war, each one of us lives our own war. The survival of the fittest is a true component that is harmonious of Flesh, Soul and Spirit