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Adams Lake on the Flat Tops

Blair Lake on the Flat Tops

GREAT Fishin' Hole

Elk Lake

Another great fishin' spot........if you want to hike in to it. There's no road.

Another view of Elk Lake

Up on the Flat Tops near Buford, Colorado -elevation is about 9500 feet above sea level

Looking out over the top of the Flat Tops Mountains

Flat Tops

Another view of the Flat Tops.

Jet Lake

Another good place to go fishin'!


This is the road that goes to Marble, Colorado, which was founded by my Great Grandfather back in the 1880's
He drove over this mountain by horse and buggy, long before this road was built!

Whitehorse Mill

This old mill is located above Marble, CO near the ghost town of Gothic. I spent many a summer day fishin' and playin' here.


This is on the road to the Whitehorse Mill. The Crystal River begins it's journey down the valley.

Mt. Sopris

over 12,400 feet above sea level.

Mt. Sopris

This picture was taken from the back yard of our house

Hanging Lake

My favorite place in all of Colorado, this lake is on the top of Glenwood Canyon, east of Glenwood Springs, CO

Hanging Lake

The only access to Hanging Lake is a two-mile trail up the side walls of Glenwood Canyon

Hanging Lake

You can stand behind or walk under the waterfalls without getting wet.