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I grew up in a log house, and swore that one day I would build one of my own.   I finally got the chance,
and with the help of a few friends, built this one in Denver, CO.   It took three years,  a lot of laughter, more than a few tears, and a whole bunch of hard work - and was worth every bit.  I WILL build another one some day.

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The finished product.....

Up to the loft

The "stone" wall isn't really stone.  I painted it with acrylics and a little drywall mud for texture. The plant hanging on the far right is also painted.


The knotty pine cabinets came from a yard sale. I stripped off the paint, sanded them down to the bare wood and stained them. I didn't like the bare wall over the stove, so I painted a "window with a view" on it.

More Kitchen

The floor was originally red quarry tile. I didn't like the color, so I painted it to look like stone.

A view from above

Looking down from the loft

The Great Room

On the lower left, you can see part of the fountain, which I built from leftover logs and stone. I rescued the antique French Doors from a dumpster, stripped off the white paint, replaced a pane of glass and stained them.

The Great Room - another view

The chandeliers (one in the dining area, too) are porcelain antiques
which I bought at a thrift store for $10.00, then I re-wired them.

The Dining Area

The willow twig bar stools were made by a friend in Cedaredge, CO.
The "view" in the window is actually a pair of venetian blinds that I painted.

Master Bath

The sink base is an old commode. I cut a hole in the top for the sink and faucets. The other cabinets came from the old house on the property.


A picture of the back.

Another view from above

Lil ole me


This is the backyard pond, nestled in with the wild roses.