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How to Rescue a bird

You have determined that this bird should be helped by a wildlife rehabilitator and you need to rescue it. ( Before rescuing a songbird or raptor (hawk or owl) call a rehabber for instructions).

To Rescue a baby:

i) Get a shoebox with air holes or a butter tub - even a paper sack with small airhole will do - and line it with a soft cloth or paper towel/toilet paper - do not use grass clippings as they are moist and cold.

ii) Cover the bird with a thin cloth or towel and carefully pick it up. Wear gloves if necessary.

iii ) Place it in the prepared container and be ready with the lid to close the top. Tape it closed.. (Some bird, such as ducklings, can jump surprisingly high).

iv) Keep the bird in a warm, dark dry place, away from pets and children. When transporting to a rehabber, avoid air-conditioning drafts ( baby birds in particular cannot control their body temperature) and keep noise at a low volume.

v) In the case of birds which have been attacked by a cat or dog, it is very important that the bird receives antibiotics as soon as possible. Bacteria from the bite will kill a bird quickly without treatment.

The best way to avoid needless suffering of wildlife is to keep your cat indoors.

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