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Rescued protected birds must be transferred to Federally and State permitted rehabilitators.

To Rescue Raptors (hawks and owls):

i) Prepare a box or container for the capture (an old towel or T-shirt in the bottom will serve to keep the bird warm and give it something to grip during transportation - puncture ventilation holes in the top as necessary). Wear a pair of thick gloves and carry a towel (or blanket) - also a fish landing net if available.

ii) Slowly approach the bird, (be prepared for the bird to run!) and slowly drape the net or towel over the bird. Ensure that the birds head is covered by the towel so that it cannot see your next move. Covering the head will calm the bird down.

iii) Carefully grip the bird’s legs from behind, just above the talons, fold the wings to its body (the towel may be wrapped around the body at this time to help keep the wings under control) and carry the bird tucked in one arm leaving one hand free for place the bird in the box - cardboard is fine.

iv) Transportation in an open truck bed or a closed camper shell can cause excessive exposure to heat or wind;  wire cages should be avoided - theycause excessive feathers damage.

v) If a carrying container is not available, a bird may be transported wrapped in a coat or blanket.

vi) Bird are wild animals, and children and pets should be kept away from them at all times. They will be stressed by injury and subsequent capture, so they should be kept warm and quiet, in a dark place prior to and during transportation to a facility for expert care.

vii)  It is illegal to keep most birds - they are protected by State & Federal laws.

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