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Heron Rescue, like that of many large birds, involves risk of injury.

 Rescuing a Heron

We recommend that unless a heron is in need of immediate rescue, ie in a hazardous situation that could result in further harm, an experienced rehabber should be called to capture it.

Because of their long necks and beaks, herons pose an extra problem when being rescued due to the speed and distance that they can strike. It is preferable to wear a pair of safety goggles for the rescue. Safety glasses, regular or sunglasses may be used if you have nothing else. Wear a pair of thick gloves, carry a towel and approach the bird slowly (they may be trapped using a large fish landing-net. This allows them to be approached closely, without them being able to use the beak) . GRASP THE BEAK QUICKLY, GENTLY FOLD IT DOWN TO THE NECK AND HOLD THE BEAK AND NECK WITH ONE HAND. If you have someone to help you, wrap the towel around the bird’s body and lift it up, letting the legs dangle. If you are alone, just tuck it under one arm NEVER LETTING THE BEAK GO. Remember, a heron’s defence is his beak - so PROTECT YOUR EYES, especially when placing the bird in a box or a crate.

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