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These pictures are some of the most recent birds that have been successfully rehabilitated, or are in the process of rehabilitation by 'For the Birds of Indiana'

Barn Owl7/24/05
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

Barn Owl 6/21/05
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This nestling Barn Owl fell from the upper level of a grain elevator, but luckily wasrelatively unharmed. It ate well and is grew rapidly as is evidenced from the two subsequent photographs seen above.

Red-shouldered Hawk
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This Red-shouldered Hawk was blown out of a very tall tree during a heavy rainstorm and was wet and weak when discovered.  This bird (photographed on 5/22/05) made an uneventful recovery and was released. (Released  7/26/05)

Three Barred Owlets and Bobby
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

Bobby the Barred Owl (far right) was unable to fly, and we had a Federal permit to keep him as a foster parent.  Here he is with three of the four owlets he is helping us to raise. Bobby died from a seizure and has been replaced with an unreleasable female that does just as excellent a job! 

Great Horned Owlet on 5-15-05
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

Screech Owls
Photo by Larry D Sweazy

The screech owls (above) appear to be putting their heads together to talk about the third owl in the aviary

Barn Owl 7/04/05
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This photo was taken just before this beautiful Cuckoo was released.  It was kept for a short period of rehabilitation while it grew a few feathers.

Red-bellied Woodpecker nestling
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

The above Red-bellied Woodpecker is one of originally four nestlings (one died).  This photo was taken on 5/22/05 and the remaining birds have finished their rehab and have been released.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This Saw-Whet owl was unreleasable and she was relocated to The Eagle Creek Nature Center, Indianapolis Parks Dept., as an educational bird.

This Great Horned owlet (left) is  looking really big in a common threatening pose.  You can see how large the wing surface is, to give them lots of lift and silent flight.

Red-tailed Hawk
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This Red-tailed hawk seems to be showing us that the repaired wing is fully recovered.  This bird has an unusually pale color.

Juvenile American Kestrel
Photo Larry D. Sweazy

This young American Kestrel was raised in a small group of Kestrels and was released to the wild in the late Summer of 2004

Broadwinged Hawk
Photo Larry D. Sweazy

Great Horned Owl
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

Liz is checking this owl out (and vice versa) before release.  It had been found  tangled in a soccer net in Fishers, IN.   We have rescued a goose from a soccer net and an owl from a volleyball net!

Great Horned Owl
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This baby Great Horned owlet was the smallest we have received to rehab and seems to double in size every few days. This photo was taken on April10th.  

Humming bird in nest
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This baby hummingbird was successfully raised and released.  The ruler in the picture shows the nest to be 2" across - it was accidentally 'pruned' when the branch to which it was attached was trimmed. 

Carolina Wren
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

This little insectivore was raised and successfully released. 

Red-tailed Hawk
Photo Larry D. Sweazy

Red-tailed Hawks are generally 'mellow' and quick to adapt to rehabilitation.

American Kestrel - adult male
Photo Larry D. Sweazy

This picture shows the gray wing bars that differentiate the male Kestrel from the female (Females lack the grey)

Great Blue Heron
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy
Chris (left) with the heron, and Larry (right) discuss the next step in the rehab. of this bird. It was released on the White River near Zionsville, IN  at a location near the colony to which it belonged.

GHO Owlet
Photo by Larry D. Sweazy

The photo above is of the same bird taken on 17th April.  What a difference a week makes.

Bald Eagle - Spring 2015

Bald eagle from Jay county looks for more fish and venison.  Was brought to us by Conservation officer and has since been transferred to Hope, Indiana where it is getting flight practice before release.

Pelican - Fall 2014

This American White Pelican was rescued in Pendleton, IN. This species usually migrates through Indiana about 60 miles E of here, but this guy must have been blown off course by some persistent high winds.

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