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How You Can Help the Wildlife of Indiana

Dogs, cats, cars, plate-glass windows, urban sprawl of housing developments and unkind humans all make survival very difficult for wildlife in our area.

Rehabbers do their best, but there just aren’t enough of us to cope with the increasing numbers of injured, orphaned and displaced birds, mammals and reptiles.

Here is a WISH-LIST of help that we need:-

a) First and foremost we need more of us. Do you like the idea of rescuing an injured bird or mammal? We can show you how!

Could you help to transport an injured animal to a veterinarian or licensed rehabber?

b) Would you consider being trained to rehab? Training can be given by a licensed rehabber and it doesn’t cost anything. We are willing to help you obtain basic equipment such as cages & etc. (Garage sales are great, cheap source of supplies).The more of us there are the thinner the case load is spread around. Of course, at first we do not give you too many ‘patients’.

Orphaned birds, squirrels, possums raccoons and bunnies will thank you for your loving care, and you will gain great satisfaction from this work.

c) Even if you don’t have the facilities or the time for actual rehab, perhaps you can assist by cleaning cages, or taking over feedings at set times each week so that the rehabber can arrange to fulfil appointments, run errands etc. Making yourself available to fill-in in an emergency would be a great help to an individual rehabber.

No, we don’t get paid. The happy, healthy release of a wild animal is our only reward, but somehow, that’s enough.

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