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Only the highest quality custom designed balers & over 150 standard models of manufactured baling presses built with our motto and pledge of...


“Solid performance…affordable quality…without crushing your budget.”

C&M Baling Systems designs and manufactures baling presses for use by industrial and commercial operations.  Balers are used to reduce material handling costs and for recycling waste generated by manufacturing processes.  C&M offers over 150 standard baler designs in addition to custom engineered balers to meet customer specifications.  C&M balers hydraulically compress and then bale materials to produce dense bales that are secured with steel wire or steel straps to retain the bale density.  Heavy bales of materials can be efficiently transported or moved to another location for reprocessing or recycling.


Materials commonly baled by C&M balers include paper trim & waste paper, cardboard, boxboard, non-wovens, plastic wrap & plastic bottles including beverage containers, fibers such as cotton, wool, fiberglass, or other man-made fibers, carpet remnants, foam rubber, tobacco, films, and non-ferrous metals.


       Typical C&M Customers include:


  • Paper mills
  • Printers
  • Web process converters
  • Warehouses
  • Re-packaging operations
  • Textile mills & cotton gins
  • Manufacturers & Industrial Plants
  • Distribution facilities
  • Commercial outlets
  • Recycling Centers


Need information or a quotation for one of our standard manufactured products or to contact us about a custom baler requirement? 
E-mail us at:

C&M 3430 Series Auto-tie Balers
Kimberly-Clark Tissue Broke Baler

Complete systems such as the large automatic tie baler with a custom designed C&M cart dumper and the conveyor loaded C&M auto-tie shown below will reduce your material handling cost and add recycling revenue.

C&M7846 Series Auto-tie Balers
Daimler Chrysler Freightliner assembly plant

C&M auto-tie balers can process tons of cardboard boxes at distribution centers and manufacturing plants.

C&M6046 Series Auto-tie Balers
World Kitchen Distribution

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