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C&M PreCrushCompactor to crush pallets, drums, and waste to load your container

C&M 6090 Delux PreCrushCompactor with 8" Bore

Dock Loading PreCrushCompactor with Wooden Frame

C&M PreCrushCompactor Self-Contained Power Unit

C&M Rear Feed Multi-Material Down-Stroke with hydraulic bale eject

C&M Mulit-Material Rear Feed Down-Stroke Baler

Dense Bale of Woven Knit Goods - Undamaged
C&M Wide Mouth Auto-Tie Baler with Cart Dumper for Oversized Carts

CM7846 Series Auto-tie Baler with Custom Cart Dump

C&M Custom Cart Dumper for 80-inch long Carts


We update this page with new equipment or additions to existing machinery.


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