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Ok everyone, get back to your knitting!
                                       --Fred (or George) Weasley

tuesday, september 27, 2005

What I did on my summer vacation...
...(or why I haven't done much knitting).  I found this puzzle at the bird store (the name escapes me) up in Julian a few weeks ago.  I had this urge to do a puzzle because it reminds me of being on vacation on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  My intention was to finish it, and learn bird names in the process.  At least I met one goal...
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monday, september 26, 2005

Talk Like a Pirate Day
So this past Monday was Talk Like A Pirate Day and to "celebrate" we took Peter's brother Seth and his wife Tara (who were visting from Virginia) down to the San Diego harbor.  I decided to start working on a seaman's cap for my friend Curt's birthday so it seemed appropriate to take a pic of my progress with the tall ship Star of India.
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To continue the celebration we also watched Dodgeball. Remember pirate Steve? 
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monday, september 19, 2005

Jaeger Neroli
I've been making a point of working on this UFO (Neroli Cardigan) which so frustrated me that I gave up for months. Basically I have to count all the stitches before and after each row which I find uber annoying.  But hey....I'm trying.
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wednesday, september 14, 2005

Wrap Style
So these are the 2 wraps I want to make from Wrap Style (right now, that is.  There are more that I want to make but I'm trying to be realistic here.) For the first one I was hoping to find some bulky yarn in my stash but I honestly don't think I have some... My other thought was to double up some Classic Elite Follies that I have in a cool lavenderish color (3454).
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For this lace wrap, designed by Evelyn A. Clark of FBS fame, I would definitely need to buy yarn because I don't own any lace weight yarn. In fact I've never really gotten the urge to knit anything in lace weight until now.
Another knitting first. And that's what I love about knitting. That you can always learn something new.
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2:25 pm pdt

monday, september 12, 2005

How excited am I....
....pretty damn excited.  Yes, I realize I just received one book and some (ok, a lot) of samples and only 2 skeins of yarn, but getting the samples is almost as fun as getting the yarn....
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These Knitpicks samples are pretty nice.  Check out the Shimmer yarn sample--it comes in these little knitted squares:
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thursday, september 8, 2005

The new Knitty is up...
I think my favorites are Arisaig (the cover sweater) and Flora which looks like a project I might actually finish.  I like that the Crystal Palace Kid Merino is not too expensive.  I'm not sure about all that skinny yarn and little needles for Arisaig though...that I might never finish.
I like Hipster too and I think it would make a cool present.  Maybe a good stash buster as well...
And look, a fellow San Diego Sn'Ber Jessica has a Falling Leaves sock pattern that would be perfect for the KnitPicks Sock Landscape yarn I just received in "Rocky Mountain"!
8:52 am pdt

friday, september 2, 2005

My first sock....finally done
So I finally got bit by the sock bug.  I hadn't really had any interest in knitting any until recently.  I wanted to use up some yarn from my stash and found the Wool-Ease sock pattern online which allowed me to do that.  The problem is, I don't use dpns.  I just use one long circular and the toe part of the pattern requires you to follow directions for each of the 3 needles.  So this is what I had to do to figure what went where:
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Then I put in markers at 3 point and went back to knitting on the one circular but it was damn confusing.  So I'm going to borrow Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles from the library and check out how it's done one 2 needles because it's pretty much the same as knitting it on one.
I found grafting the toe to be challenging and I don't think I did a particularly good job. 
And despite following the part in the pattern b/w the heel and gusset where you knit a couple of stitches together (to avoid a hole in the area where one often occurs), I still ended up with holes.  So I just stitched them together because I'm just not re-doing the whole sock.  But, hey...it doesn't look too bad for my first sock.  I hope I'll complete the second one ; )
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