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wednesday, august 30, 2006

This week could get worse...
I was hoping to have a cheery post, describing in detail what we did at our drawing workshop in San Fransisco.  But I just don't have the energy and I'm sad.
We buried our bunny Domino last night in the back yard next to Stella who died last year.  Last Monday, while Peter was out of town, I noticed she was not very active and didn't eat the whole carrot I gave her.  I called the emergency vet and made an appointment for the next morning.  A few hours later, her head appeared to be tilted so I called back and they said to bring her in.
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(Domino on the left, Luna on the right)
She acted normally at the emergency clinic and the vet said that she didn't feel any gas that could be a sign of G.I. stasis.  Still, she decided to keep her overnight and give her fluids plus some meds to get her tummy moving if it was stasis.  They told me they would call me the next day.  At 6 a.m. they called to tell me they had bad news.  During the night, Domino had a seizure for which they gave her valium.  They moved her to an oxygenated area after giving her the sedative but she did not survive the night.
The next morning I spoke to the vet with experience with exotics who suggested a necropsy and the might have had something called e. cuniculi.  The necropsy showed kidney scarring so there were concerns that Luna might have it too, but upon further testing, we just found out that she in fact had a bacterial infection.  The doc. does not know what caused it; apparently it could be any number of things.  We are sad, and I am paranoid about Luna getting sick.  I have been checking on her a lot. 
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Domino was a sweet girl.  She did this crazy food dance in the mornings and would run around in circles until we gave her pellets.  Luna would get caught up and run around in circles as well.  She also stared at walls, which always cracked me up.  Luna always faces the room, but you would find Domino hanging out in the middle of the hall in pancake mode with her face 2" from the wall.  She would run up to Luna and skid into place for kisses and bunny grooming.  Although we only adopted her in April, she quickly became part of the family.  She was funny and silly, and we will all miss her.
Hope you can see the video of the buns (if not, try reloading the page).
In case you're wondering about the title of the post...Peter's car was broken into on Monday while he was parked near City College.  He had just picked up a bag that a friend had brought back from the SF workshop.  Most of our art supplies, several drawing books, and about 8 library books were in the bag.  So was Peter's sketch book that he's spent hours drawing in.  That last one was what pushed me over the edge.  It's upsetting and I'm angry.  They probably threw our stuff out--I imagine they only kept a pair of my shoes and a jean jacket.  And a gift I had bought while in SF.  Still, we called the police, went down there for a few hours and looked around under the highway underpasses.  We asked people if they'd seen our bag.  I have called almost every used book store in the area, hoping someone came in trying to sell the books.  Apparently it's a misdemeanor in California to try to sell a library book that's not marked "discard". 
So if you see any drawing books from the NewSchool of Architecture Library at any stores, or run across several hundred dollars worth of Chartpak markers or newly purchased parallel rulers, or find a large black sketch book with the initials "PS" on the sketches, let me know.  'Cause I wanna kick the ass of the person who took them.
6:27 pm pdt

friday, august 11, 2006

change my life
Well, my husband and I are off to a workshop that should change our life.  Wish us luck...hopefully I'll have some cool before and after sketches to show y'all.
1:31 pm pdt

sunday, august 6, 2006

Roundabout Leaf Tank progress
Just when you feel like you're getting close to the end, you make a mistake.  And then you're stuck, trying to decide how much it matters, if it matters at all.  I realized about 5" after I picked up the stitches for the strap on my tank, that I had reversed the wrong and right sides of the strap. 
 It was my fault, I missed that detail at the beginning of the row that reads "(RS): Knit 2, ...".  So I started with a knit stitch.  The problem is I was on the wrong side of the fabric because I had picked up the stitches (on the RS, as instructed) from right to left.  Don't most people do this?  Seems, like it would have made more sense that the first row be a purl row. 
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So you can see what it looks above.  I took a poll at our last SNB as to whether I should rip it.  It was 50/50 but I knew it was going to bug me even though it doesn't look bad.  So I'm now a few rows into the strap again.
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This is a pick of the tank on the back side which is where I've started the first strap.
12:07 am pdt

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