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In years to come, if there are no wars, the U. S. Naval Armed Guard will be forgotten. In peace time it does not exist.  No publicity is ever issued for recruits to fill their manpower needs, therefore they are hardly known.  When the Armed Guard does come into existence, the newspapers, T. V. and radio networks, or magazines do not allow their reporters to come aboard and report first hand of the action of the Armed Guard.  They feel that the assignment is too dangerous for their people and the odds are in favor of them going down and losing their lives at sea.
The Naval Armed Guard was made up of fresh United States Navy Reserves.  These new recruits had no naval experience and even less training.  Their duties were to man the guns on supply ships that were taking war supplies to the battle fronts.  Due to the immediate need for fighting supplies during the first part of the war, these men were ill fitted with old Navy or Army equipment to fight with.  Better guns for these Armed Guard men were installed at a later date during WWII.
Approximately 90% of civilians and 40% of naval people do not know what the Armed Guard units consisted of, or what their duties were.  No division of any military unit has lost the personnel per capita, as the Armed Guard did in WWI and WWII.
One nation, Russia, by its own account, admits that its country would have been lost to the Germans, had it not been for the action of the Armed Guard getting the war supplies to them.  The Armed Guards continued fighting for eight days and nights in the North Atlantic, the Artic Ocean and the White Sea.  They had run the German blockade.  The port city of Murmansk, in north Russia, had received its much needed supplies. 
The same type of action against Japan in the islands of the Pacific by the Armed Guard helped the retaking of the Philippines.  I, Richard Lowe, was one of those Armed Guard men that was a part of the action in both battles.  The duties of the Armed Guard in all the sea battles of WWII have been recorded only in the minds of the ones who fought in them.  These men are dying off fast and all the history of their sacrifices and service will go with them to their graves.  There will be no movies, TV, or radio programs.  No monuments will be built for these great men, no stories will ever be told.
Do you wonder why their members call this "THE FORGOTTEN WAR".
                                                   by Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe on Honor Flight to WWII Memorial in 2009

Honor Flight flew the WWII veterans to Washington, D.C. to see the WWII Memorial for the day. I also went as his Guardian. It was a wonderful, but emotional day. We also really enjoyed visiting the Navy Memorial.

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