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  1. Laying out the envelope and ensuring the net is in place
  2. Securing the valve to the top of the envelope
  3. Attaching the helium supply to the appendix of the envelope for filling
  4. Sandbags in place as the envelope fills
  5. Almost complete filling
  6. Testing the valve and securing the appendix
  7. Attaching the net to the load ring
  8. Attaching the basket to the load ring
  9. The envelope rises to final position
  10. Don secures the anti-sail line
  11. The basket is positioned, and drag line is ready
  12. Bob secures the Georgia State and the South African flags to the rigging
  13. The complete balloon is ready to fly!
  14. The South takes heavy losses during the Civil War re-enactment, due to the distinct advantage that balloon reconnaissance provides the North during this battle
  15. Ballasting sand allows for a gentle launch
  16. We are on the way!
  17. Snowfields of Wisconsin from 1000 ft AGL
  18. The distinct inversion layer
  19. Crossing from Wisconsin to Minnesota
  20. A first landing, a little over 2 hours into the flight and just into Minnesota
  21. Sunset casts long shadows
  22. A final landing just at sunset
  23. The wonderful team celebrate a magnificent flight

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