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December 13, 2003





New York, NY 10005


Dear Madam or Sir:


I am very pleased to recommend Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx for employment by your firm as an xxxxxxxxxxx..


I have known Xxxxx for more than ten years. During the first five years of that time we worked together as counselors for Xxxx Xxxxxxx. Because we shared a job, I became fully familiar with her skills and character. She is a very good listener. Her ability to understand the situation and concerns being presented is excellent. She knows how to work with people and to respect their points of view while expressing her own. She is personally and intellectually honest.


Because we shared a job, it was essential that we coordinate and observe a common schedule. She was always on time and prepared for her client meetings. I, and our shared clients, could always depend on her to do her job efficiently and with a positive attitude.


I am confident that all those who encounter Xxxxxxx in her capacity as an employee of Xxxxxxxxxxx will feel that they have been treated with fairness, respect and understanding.







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