A Branch of the Robinson Family
Samuel's descendants
John D. Robinson

Third, fourth, & fifth generation descendants of Samuel S. Robinson at a family reunion in 1940.

Samuel S. Robinson was born in Virginia March 4, 1788.   He married Elizabeth (Libby) M. Surface, daughter of Martin Surface (Zerfass) and Catherine Kepfin, May 9, 1814 in Pulaski County, Virginia.


They owned a farm near Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia which they sold in 1825 and moved with their family to Johnson County, Indiana.  In addition to keeping the family farm, he was a wheelwright by profession.


They remained there, in the small farming community of Smith Valley, the rest of their lives.  Samuel died in 1864 and Elizabeth outlived him by five years dying in 1869.  Both are buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Glenns Valley, Indiana.


They had eight children (of record), all of whom lived their lives in or around Johnson County and are buried in the Mount Pleasant or the Lowe Cemetery there.


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