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1.      Qualifications

This tournament is not sponsored by BPA. 


Any players are welcome.To sign-up for the tournament, email


2.      Tournament Format

2.1.     Format [CHANGE FROM 2009]

The format will be double elimination. If a round is missed or

skipped it is considered a loss. A player is not eliminated from

the tournament until he/she losses or skips two rounds.

2.2.     Round Duration:

Each round will be 13 weeks. This pace requires rate of approximately one card play per day (12 Turns x 6 Card plays = 72 days). Players who cannot commit to this pace of play should not ask to participate in the tournament. If a game is not resolved  by the deadline date, one or both player will be forfeited. If either player in question can be identified as the more guilty party (the slower player), then his opponent will be declared the winner, regardless of the positions on the game's board. Such decisions are final. See 3.6 below.

2.3.     No Byes

There will be no byes. If there are an odd number of players total for any round, then the lowest rated player or random unseeded player with the lowest score will play an "eliminator" assigned by the GM. If there are three players remaining in the tournament. Each player will play each other player (two simultaneous games).

2.4.     Scenario

All rounds will use the full campaign games. Detailed rules will be covered in the scenario section.

2.5.     Seeding

Matches will be seeded in each bracket according to AREA ranking. (winners bracket and 1 loss bracket).  With the exception is the players have already played each other thsi tournament.

2.6.  On-line/Email Play

The game will be played via ACTS ( All card play, messages, and die rolling will go through here - no exceptions. Players may exchange game files via Cyberboard or other aid, but this is not required. In sending messages, players must be as EXPLICIT as possible when describing a move. Players may decide on the protocol they will use in their messages, with the default being the complete spelling out of everything (spaces, units). All games will be set-up by the GM prior to starting the round.


2.7.  Reporting

After each game is complete, the winner must report back to the GM with results, please copy the losing player and include the final turn, VP count and bid.


3.      Scenario (The campaign game will be used for all rounds)

3.1.     Rules

The most current rules and card texts available at the start of each round will be used, with required tournament rules below. Current rules can be found on Consim World Rounds will be conducted using the latest rules version 1.02 date [2-11-10]. Rules changes between rounds will not affect games in progress, obviously clarifications and rulings do apply.

3.2. Note on discards: The Axis player discards cards first during the end of the turn.    

3.3.     Required Rules for Tournament

*    No optional rules apply unless listed here (or mutually agreed upon by both players, prior to determination of sides).

*    Alternate Malta: Play of Hercules gives the Axis +1 Victory Point. Malta Victorious gives the Allies no victory points. The other benefits and penalties of each Event remain the same.

*   Matildas & Marshes: The Matildas combat card does not cancel the effect of marsh terrain (e.g. El Agheila)

*    Rommel Event: The card event doubles as operations points, i.e. is a boxed operations event

3.4.     Determination of Sides

Players roll randomly roll to see who gets the first bid. The first player will select a side and an initial bid of VPs. The second player can either accept the bid or bid higher. If the second player bids higher then the option is passed back to the initial bidder who can then accept the bid or bid higher again. This will continue until one player accepts the bid of another. VPs are applied during the victory determination phase of winter 1942 (i.e. after the action phase).Side Set-up: When the final bid is determined, please email the GM with the final bid and side selection. The GM will then modify the ACTS game if necessary to switch the German and Allied players around as soon as the sides in ACTS are correct, the game may begin. Note: You can bid zero for a side. Then the second player must either accept or bid 1.

3.5.    Rules Disputes

Any rules disputes will be adjudicated by the GM. In the case of games involving the GM, assistant GMs will make the final decision.

3.6.   Round Expires

1) If you think you will not be able to finish...if the victor is obviously the opponent should resign...if one player has been much slower than the other he should resign.  Players are encouraged to work this out amongst themselves first before requiring the GM to intervene. Send your decision to me.

2) If I have received no results by midnight I will decide to forfeit one or both players.  If one players has been clearly and significantly slower he will be forfeited.  If both player appears to have been about the same, then both players will be forfeited.




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