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Trademark Licenses

We are currently participating in the Union Pacific, BNSF and the CSX Transportation License Agreements.  All trademarks are used in accordance with each railroads corporate standards.


These agreements have become a very controversial topic for modelers.  Our standpoint is that these agreements enhance our service with trademark information that allows us to produce accurate decals.  We do not make an additional charge because of these agreements.  These agreements actually save you the customer money.  The cost of these agreements is minimal and well worth the time, effort and money that were required to obtain them.  The information we gained from these agreements would have cost a great deal more for research and development of correct decals.  The cost of 10 minutes from a reputable attorney would exceed the cost for both of our agreements.  Both railroads were very professional and are very helpful in correct production of their trademarks. 


We are of the opinion that the railroads should be able to protect their trademarks. We also believe working in cooperation with the railroads is better than being adversaries of the railroads.


We respect the feelings of modelers on this subject.  If you would like to discuss these agreements with us please feel free to email us.
Railroads or other companies wishing to discuss trademark agreements may also contact us via email.
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