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Decal Application Instructions


Prior to decaling a model the paint should be completely dry for at least 24 hours.


Items needed:


  1. Water, distilled water is preferred.
  2. Container for water that is large enough for the largest decal to lie flat in the water.
  3. Sponge to place in container.
  4. Tweezers may be necessary.*
  5. Sharp hobby knife or sharp scissors.*
  6. Small artist type paint brush.*
  7. Decal setting solution such as Microscale Microset*
  8. Small needle.

Items denoted by * should be readily available at any reputable hobby shop.


Application Steps


  1. Place enough of the distilled water in the container and soak the sponge in the water and leave the sponge in the center of the water.
  2. Trim decal from sheet cutting as close as possible to the printing.
  3. Dip the trimmed decal into the water.
  4. Place the decal onto the sponge for about 30 seconds or until the decal slides freely on the paper.
  5. Wet the area of the model where the decal will be applied with water.
  6. Once the decal is ready to be applied, place the decal on the model and gently slide the decal edge onto the model.  Once the decal edge is adhered to the model, using a small paintbrush to hold the decal, slide the paper from underneath the decal.
  7. Gently make final adjustments to the decal with the paintbrush. 
  8. Once the decal is in position, gently blot the water with a soft cloth.
  9. Apply the decal setting solution according to the solutions instructions and allow to dry.  Once applied do not touch the decal before it is dry.
  10.  Inspect the decal after the setting solution dries for bubbles, if present puncture the bubble with a small needle and apply more setting solution. 
  11. Once the decal is dry, it should be over coated with a clear gloss or dull finish such as Microscale Micro Flat or Micro Gloss depending on your final preference



Copyright 2004 E.L.S. Trains. Microscale Microset, Micro Flat, and Micro Gloss are trademarks of Microscale Industries, Inc.