Not a complainer.  A stoical hard worker, but one who believes that life is for living and that true enjoyment of life can only take place in the company of others.  A take-charge, put-up-or-shut-up kind of person who would rather just get the job done than sit around and talk about it.  She organizes her life in series of sets and sub-sets of demanding but realistic goals, both long-term and short-term, carefully structuring her schedule so as to build in time for recreation, the enjoyment of which her life of work both necessitates and provides.

Flannery is the librarian at the Fairvale Public Library, which is the sole public institution in Fairvale which is free and open to the entire population.  She is the library’s  only employee and is entirely responsible for its operation and management.  Her only assistance comes in the form of student interns* and volunteers.  Flannery prides herself on her knowledge of books themselves-- the multiple canons of literature and the arts and sciences-- and their organization-- attractiveness of display along with systemic efficiency and order-- as  well as on her ability to effectively prioritize while working within a severely constrained budget.

Flannery's position in the community is, for Fairvale, a high profile one, for sooner or later practically everyone visits the library and Flannery is always there.  Some, certainly, frequent the library a great deal more than others, and among this number Flannery can count her closest friends and some who are, or have been, more than friends.  Few in Fairvale know this, but no one is closer to Flannery than Jim.

*see Burghardt

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