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Hi, my name is Philina, and I live in a different world. My home is a farm on the edge of town. We have llamas, African leopard tortoises & we're also a licensed bengal cattery.
But it's not just the farm that makes my world different. I also live with a very rare condition, Partial Trisomy 6p & another rare one known as Moya Moya Syndrome.


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The medical literature said that I wouldn't live beyond age 3, and I'd never be able to walk or communicate. So it's probably a good thing I couldn't read.
My mom put this website together in honor of my 20th birthday. Today (at 31) I still can't really read, but I do recognize a few words on sight, especially my name, and I can write my initials.  I communicate with a combination of a few verbal words, ASL, & a communication picture wallet.   
And not only can I walk, I'm in a bowling league too. My old team, Susan's Strykers, came in 3rd place in the Fall '04 & '05 Disabled Service's League.  But Susan didn't make the move with us to a new facility, so I had to join a different one.  That's okay though, because on my next team, Royal Flush, I was the only girl, and I loved the attention.  I'm also the only girl on my current team, the Alley Cats. 


I really enjoy my life. It's full of interesting places to go, things to do, and people to meet. I have many friends already, but there's always room for more. I like people, a lot! Especially people I can con into letting me borrow their sunglasses, take my picture or let me take their's, or sing "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" for me to sign along to.
While my family looks out for my best interest, they haven't overly sheltered me from life. I even got to go white water rafting in Colorado when I was 8.
If you'd like a tour of my world, then join me on the following pages by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.........


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