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Galapagos Tortoise Moon Shadow. Photo by J. Fife

Welcome to our web site!
We offer qualtiy, captive born tortoises, lizards & books. We are one of the few facilities in the world producing Galapagos Tortoises.  Email to check on availability or to get on next years waiting list. 
We are also the only facility in the US producing Campeche Spiny-tailed iguanas, (Ctenosaura alfredschmidti).  My adults were imported from Germany as juveniles.
Our Iguana Book is in stock and available.  Please click "Books for Sale" in the box on the left to order your book on-line with Pay Pal or a credit card.  Sorry, but the Leopard Tortoise, Star Tortoise, and Russian Tortoise books are SOLD OUT. 
Lizards we breed include Chuckwallas, Rhino Iguanas, Spiny-tailed Iguanas and Uromastyxs.
Tortoises we breed include Galapagos, Star tortoises, Russian tortoises, Marginated tortoises, African Spurred tortoise, Hermann's tortoises, Greek tortoises, Radiated tortoises,  and more. 

Please follow the links on the left to see what reptiles are available for sale, books I've written and learn about our breeding program or to enjoy the photo gallary.

Order Now  - See Books for Sale! 

The Iguana Book for $19.99 plus $4 shipping.  International shipping is $15 for the Iguana book.

The Iguana Book covers all species in the family Iguanidae which includes both iguanas & chuckwallas.  It includes photos of the Galapagos Pink Iguana described in 2009 and the Fiji Island Iguana described in 2008. It  has photos of different chuckwalla species & color phases plus information on captive care and breeding.  This large 8.5" by 11" book is worth the price for the photos alone, however it also has captive care & breeding information on chuckwallas, spinytailed iguanas, cyclura and green iguanas. A must book for anyone interested in iguanas or chuckwallas. 

Now Available!
This book includes photos, natural history and captive care for iguana & chuckwalla species.

This month's special:  
Iguana Book $19.99

Click on Books for Sale for ordering online.

Jerry D. Fife* P.O. Box 227* Laveen, Arizona *  85339
Tortoises under 4" are sold for educational or scientific purposes only

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