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Phobos is the largest of mars' 2 moons. I live there. I keep an apartment here in brooklyn and return for the holidays. Even though I've probably ended up spending a far longer amount of time in brooklyn in the past few years, phobos is still my home. It's where my family is. Where many of my martian friends still are.

Please don't get me wrong, I love brooklyn. There aren't any subways on phobos, and sound doesn't carry so well with the lack of atmosphere, so most bars don't have any jukeboxes. And no karaoke. And while you might think that the dull commentary about their being no atmosphere might ring true in some fashion, phobos is actually a charming little moon. Very little traffic, beautiful views of mars, and phobos is far more cosmipolitan than deimos, which is little more than a backwater asteroid.


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