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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Even stranger

and certainly more interesting than the two slices of pizza that I was about to and in fact did eat following my last entry is the dream that Holly had the other night:

In the dream my friends and I were hanging out and we found ourselves bemoaning the absence of our friend the Chucker. Chucker was away in Israel (both in and out of the dream) and we decided (now back in the dream entirely) that we'd get him to come to see us by ordering a pizza from the pizzeria where he was working. So he came and delivered the pie. Holly says that even in the dream she realized foggily that this was really not logical, but for some reason if we ordered the pizza he had to come and deliver it. (My own theory on this ties in the billions of dollars the U.S. has given to Israel in foreign aid. Some payback, they get weapons and we get a pizza.) Later we wanted to see the Chucker again but he'd finished his shift so I only ordered a small pie.

Unbeknownst to Holly (Just a mid-wife, or a mid-wife possessing extra-sensory powers?! You decide.) the Chucker had returned the day before and his wife was in the throws of labor that very night! So whereas in Holly's mind the Chucker was returning from Israel to deliver a phantasmal pizza, in fact he had returned from Israel to witness the delivery of his newborn son!

Both mother and baby are in the pink of health. With mushrooms.


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