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I can't honestly say that I know why it is that I wanted to put these poems in here. Perhaps it's a matter of my vanity, or perhaps I wanted to be able to give those people who from time to time ask to see a poem or two of mine a place to go and read those poems which have been published in various on-line magazines. You know, get 'em out of my hair for a little while so I can have a moment's peace. Some fool or other is always after me, wanting to know what sort of gibberish I'm committing to print these days.

In any event, below are some links to some poems that have been put up here and there. Some have even been copied by other people out of journals or magazines and put up on their own web sites. But what am I going to do? Yell at my fan base? I'll leave that to the lawyers for the time being. Once I hit the big time though, all you plagiarizing little scoundrels had better watch your backs.



"a ghoul in a swan boat ride, a public park," from a loose group of recent poems on Rasputin & Ghouls, among others.

On The Poetry Project's web site, 5 poems: "To Santa Claus" & 4 poems from L.P. (a series of variations on the Lord's Prayer).

On Pom Pom magazine's site you can download a PDF of the issue #2. "Don Juan In Furs," a false translation appears on page 50.

canwehaveourballback, an on-line magazine had two false translations of mine in issue # 7, "Le Chat" & "Confession."

Although 6,500 magazine is a print publication, their site had one of the two false translations of mine that had appeared in 6,500 #2 "The Both of Them."

POeP! is an excellent PDF magazine put out by ratapallax press, which can be purchased on-line. POeP! #1 had 2 poems, "Lethe" & "XLII (Poa traim driver, qut uor lesses, eu ice a ai…)"

The East Village #13: "This Anti-Terror Life: III," "Bohemians Take A Trip," "The Venerated Muse" & "The Sickened Muse."

In the Bestiary section of The Transcendental Friend #8, 3 poems: "The Albatross," "Fer Yelluh, ""The Swan."

Jack Kimball's essay Stray Items, published in readme #5, discusses a long sequence of false translations published as Le Voyage, along with the work of 9 other poets. (This essay also appeared in the October-November, 2002 issue of The Poetry Project Newsletter.)

A note on false translations
For a number of years I worked on the project of falsely translating all of the poems in Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. I completed this project in the beginning of 2002. By my own definition, a false translation is a translation that has been written without the intent of translating the meaning of the original. My own false translations were written by exploring misunderstandings (both intentional and not), the sounds, the shapes of the words, associations, etc. of Baudelaire's poems in their original French. Each of these false translations is of a specific poem in Les Fleurs du Mal.

Other People's Poems

Bear Riding, by Sparrow. This poem was originally published as a sticker included with Lungfull! Magazine (issue #9? #10?). It's also now included in Sparrow's new book Yes, You Are A Revolutionary!out from Soft Skull Books which includes the poem with a change in the second line. No one has approved my republishing it here, so let's keep not tell them, okay?


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