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Last Updated 18 February 2006

Thanks to all my friends for helping me with the appearance and content of this web site. A special thanks to the Pirate team offices for their assistance also. Glenn's Pirates Page is a personal web page that I maintain to help record the rich history of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Team.
Here is some information I have collected on the Pirates:

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Interesting Pirate Facts:

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Here are some Quick Links to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Bucs.
Here are some commercial Baseball and Pirate links that I refer to on a regular basis and are worth checking out:

Here are a few general baseball links:

The Minors: You can get a quick update from Pirateball on their Bucco Farm Game Reports Page. Russ Steele provides some quick links to Baseball America's stats for each Bucco farm team and provides a window with Wilbur Miller's Scouting Report.

The Bucs also maintain working relationships with several International Leagues:

General Minor League Sites:

Here are some personal Pirates pages by fellow fans:

On UseNet News Groups: Look for

The Pirates Fan-based E-mail List: Subscribe or search the archives of "the list" at the web interface. Or, send an e-mail message to:
with body: subscribe pirates Your Name
You will receive a message back prompting you to confirm your subscription.
You will be added to a list of around 150 Pirate fans who trade stories, stats, ideas, questions, answers, and opinions about the Bucs from across the country. This is a friendly list and a great forum for the intelligent exchange of ideas about the Pirates. It is an informal email discussion group which discusses issues relevant to the Pittsburgh Pirates. List volume is about 10-30 messages daily. One fan said, "I truly enjoy the insightful, informed, and passionate discussions that abound on this list." Another person said. "I think you just threw a life-preserver to a drowning Burghball fan."
Once subscribed, you can send mail to the whole list at: pirates@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM

Real Audio:

The Bucs have joined most of the other MLB teams in offering their game broadcasts via Real Audio at Now you can hear the home team announcers (with pre-game and post game shows), and you can even listen to rebroadcasts on demand.
MLB Broadcast page
Yahoo Broadcast
Get a Free Real Audio Player here.

Some sources for Pirate gifts? Try:

Pirate Outfitters: 412-325-4465
Pirate Clubhouse Shop: (412) 325-4465
Online clubhouse store
Cooperstown Collection: Pirate Caps from various eras. These other places might be more collectable/card shops:
Diamond Jim's 724-728-5468
Sports World Specialties: 412-232-3343
Team Information:
For Pirates Tickets: 1-800-BUY-BUCS; 1-877-893-BUCS

For the Pirates Media Relations Office: 1-412-323-5031
Write to the Pirates at: PNC Park at North Shore: 115 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone: 412-323-5000; Fax: 412-323-9133

For The Pirate Clubhouse Shop (at PNC Park): (412) 325-4465

For information on the Pirate Alumni Association:

To obtain a Pirates Pocket Schedule: Pick them up at the ballpark, Pirate ticket outlets, or send a SASE to Pirate Schedule, at the club's address above.

Let's Go Bucs (A New Pirate Generation): the popular pre-game music at PNC Park is requested by several Pirate fans. Here's a link to the song.

Why am I such a Pittsburgh Pirates Fan?

Spring Training:

Winter Ball: Baseball America has box scores, standings, and League Leaders. USA Today provides a good starting point for winter league stats. The Pirates have numerous players participating in off-season baseball in various leagues:
  • John Skilton provides links to numerous individual team sites.
  • Winter League Stats and Box Scores: MLB, Baseball America.
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