Meeting Notes

October 25, 2003


Topic: Computer Security

Our October CyberSIG meeting was a great success. Thanks again to Mr. Chuck Easttom, who was our guest speaker. Chuck is the author of a half dozen computer books, and have been a subject matter expert for CompTIA during the creation or revision of four of their certification tests. His web site has more information.

Chuck discussed the various types of threats. They range from viruses, hackers and intruders, fraud, identity theft to information espionage. There are some simple precautions home users can take to protect themselves:

o        1. Always have a virus scanner on.

o        2. Never download anything from an illicit site.

o        3. Never use your real name in any chat room, discussion group, etc.

o        4. Never send personal information in ANY email.

o        5. Never fill out personal information on a web site that you are not 100% sure of.

I have a few copies left of the handout that Chuck provided and will pass those out to anyone who was unable to attend the meeting.


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