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ALLEGIANCE: A Magic the Gathering format
Sample Set-up

Here's a game ready to play:


  • On the left, you can see the decks of each color marked with a colored bead.
  • Kargan Dragon Lord,  black lotus and plain red sleeves are realms.
  • We use Grrr (the green cartoon puppy) for Researchers.
  • The dice tray is from a tackle box. Note the Boggle timer to prevent slow tutoring.
  • The fat pack boxes hold a bevy of creature tokens.
  • The empty fat pack box is marked "Big Box refile only!" so I don't get if confused with other loose cards.


Above, the rest of the Big Box sits in repose. Lionheart Maverick can be seen complaining that he "just missed the action because of Dad's stupid clumsy fingers." So unfair indeed, little one. 
Note, players don't get to search the whole thing, just the decks that are on the table.