A Heron's Balance
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Cathy Barker

Where can healing be found? 
Grieving Jack Freeman turns to the beauty and risk
     of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
          to discover his balance and connect with his God.

The new novel A HERON’S BALANCE tracks one person’s search for wholeness.  Still grieving the sudden death of his beloved wife, Jack Freeman finds himself at loose ends.

He sets off for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

where, with the help of his progressive pastor and mentor,

he seeks healing and balance.  The physical journey builds his endurance as he discovers more about camping, paddling, and portaging.  His spiritual journey leads him from desolation to confidence and faith, with adventures along the way.

Through the power of God’s creation and connection with God’s creatures (human and otherwise), Jack is transformed.

sketch by Linda Barker


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A Heron's Balance - a novel by Cathy Barker