Workbench Storage Cabinet


When designing my workbench, I always knew that I would eventually go back and add a storage cabinet underneath. After about a year, I decided it was time to go back and complete the project. I wanted to go with an all-drawer design, since I have many small items and supplies that currently reside on shelves. They tend to be constantly covered in dust and are never at-hand. The cabinet would also house all of my small tools and measuring equipment, such as chisels, files, combination square, etc.


So after deciding on dimensions for the unit and the quantity and size of the drawers, I went to work on building it. The cabinet is 42W x 16H x 22D, and is constructed of baltic birch plywood edged in maple. The top and bottom meet the sides with miter joints strengthened with biscuits. It is sized to sit perfectly between the side assemblies of the workbench base, and rests on top of the stretchers. The weight of the cabinet and its contents keeps it in place and adds heft and stability to the overall workbench.



There are twelve drawers, all of which are 13W by 15D. Nine of the drawers are 4 high, and the top three are 2 high. The drawers are built entirely of hard maple using more of my stash of free maple, and with hardboard bottoms. The drawers slide on dados in the sides of the drawers and maple runners glued and screwed to the sides of the cabinet. Since the top of my bench overhangs the base significantly, I decided to lengthen the sides of the drawers to allow them to be pulled out further than full extension (see picture below). This allows access to the full depth of the drawers. After a coat of wax the drawers glide very smoothly. The entire unit was finished with a couple of coats of Waterlox to match the rest of the bench, and I added some pulls.





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