I made this guitar cake for Brian. It was my wedding gift to him and his lovely bride Kristen. You truly couldn't hope for a nicer young couple. It was my first time to do any kind of cake for a wedding or to serve that many people. I was really nervous that it wouldn't turn out right and that I'd ruin their most important of special occasions! My hat is off to all of you who routinely do wedding and groom's cakes - you've got more tenacity than I!!!!

The cake was all edible. It was hand-designed and sculpted to look just like Brian's "Taylor 814ce" guitar. It was made of chocolate fudge cake, milk chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, hand cast chocolate pieces, chocolate and white fondant, and spaghetti strings. For set up at the reception, I also put handcast milk chocolate notes and music symbols all around the cake to flesh out the theme a bit more. I feel that God did all the work on this one, because I was a nervous wreck! He carried me through. I hope you like it.