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Ok, this is my first page and not the page I wanted but it will have to do for now. This is my first tornado to actually witness in person on Nov,21,1992 in West Houston. Of course, it was dissipating at this time but it did have wedge like characteristics about 5 minutes prior to this image. An F4 tornado later occurred this same day on the east side of downtown Houston near Channelview destroying many homes. Luckily, no one died from the storms.
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This is a weak tornado that me and my chase partner, Eric Nguyen, witnessed near Bogota,TX(south of Paris,TX) on 3/5/99 at about 5:55 p.m. It formed in a strongly sheared environment after we witnessed a wall cloud starting to form. The storm was actually a low topped supercell which had no lightning or hail that we could see. The tornado lasted 3-4 minutes or so and caused no apparent damage.

This is a tornado* that resulted from a right turning classic supercell that occurred near Trego Center, KS on 5/25/97. This was my first S. plains chase so I was a happy chaser that day. *note, image was altered due to poor contrast. Believe me, a tornado was there

The above image is a funnel cloud that was dissipating after putting down a brief snake like tornado near Ft. Hood and south of Gatesville,Tx on 3/10/2000. I have been chasing for a couple years now and had my best year in 1999 getting lucky on 3 separate chase days in seeing a couple of tornadoes. I usually chase alone or w/ a few chase buddies in Se/central Texas during the early spring and sometimes in the fall. I do my serious chasing in the spring on vacations where I usually end up in West Texas or the panhandle,NM,OK,KS,CO,NE,IA and even the Dakotas.

This is the first of many tornadoes that Eric Nguyen and myself witnessed from the mega OK/KS tornado outbreak on 5/3/99. This tornado grew larger and was only given an F1 rating near Minco,OK.

Here is an awesome supercell w/ striations evident. This storm produced softball size hail and a brief tornado near Ft. Hood, Tx, 3/10/2000




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