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Parkville, MO

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I have always been interested in photography but only recently have I discovered a whole new world of plastic toy film cameras. Like most casual photographers I converted to digital photgraphy about ten years ago. I was becoming complacent with my shots because the camera did everthing automatically and the results were instantaneous.
Recently I found my old Olympus RD 35mm Range Finder camera up in a closet that had not seen daylight for 25 years. It seemed to be working fine but took it in to have it serviced and cleaned up. While I was searching the internet about film cameras I ran across the "Holga" camera.
I was quickly smitten with the whole idea of using an inexpensive object to make some stunning photos. I also enjoy being able to use both 120 medium fomat film and 35mm film. Also using both B & W and color.
I have only been doing this for a short while and my experiences, techniques and knowledge are still in the testing stages but I have been satisifed with many of the results.
I currently own three "Holga" cameras (Models: 120tlr, 120n and 135tlr) in addiiton to recent purchases of a "Blackbird, Fly" and "Lubitel Universal".
This web site includes both 120 B & W photos and a few 35mm color photos. Hope to add more soon.
Jim Keeling
October 10th, 2010

The examples above and following are photos taken with a "Holga 120tlr" camera using 120 medium format film.

Parkville, MO

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!