Other folks' review pages! (Make sure to tell them thank you)
Social Psych review
Behavioral/Conditioning page
Cognitive -- memory
Cognitive -- intelligence
Cognitive - Language AND thinking review
Intense vocab list -- this will get you a minimum of three if you know it
Rundown of theorists
Perception review
Sensation review
Biology/Brain/Drugs/Abnormal review
Research/Statistics Review
Developmental psych
Psychoanalytical and Personality
All types of therapies (drug types included)

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Here's a new link (MAY 01, 2009) for flash cards that are subject specific ... may want to give it a look!

Alleydog.com -- wouldn't hurt to look over these comprehensive summaries. Some of it is overkill. Try to focus on the information from your vocab list, but again ... every little bit helps!

2-4% history
2-4% states of consciousness
5-7% testing and individual differences
5-7% treatment of psychological disorders
6-8% personality
6-8% methods and approaches
7-9% learning
7-9% sensation and perception
7-9% motivation and emotion
7-9% developmental psychology
7-9% abnormal psychology
7-9% social psychology
8-10% biological bases of behavior
8-10% cognition
Make sure you use the information to the left to determine your study schedule and needs.
You probably want to rework this schedule to fit your individual knowledge levels. You want to take two things into consideration -- the salience of the topic according to your list above, and also your comfort level. You want to spend the most time studying topics you are not familiar with AND ones that count a lot. (Does that make sense?)
Cross reference your list of vocabulary under each topic. Remember, the most questions they are going to ask on any one topic will be 10. So, they can't have super detailed questions. You need to try to prioritize the words within the lists as well.